Here you will find an indicative selection of the types of support you can explore at Impact Money Finder.

Typical Length of Application

1 to 6 Months

Funding For

For Profit

Angel Group
A group of angel investors who have organized themselves to invest collectively, operate more effectively and provide mutual support.

The practice of funding a project or venture by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people. This is generally considered as an alternative financial source.

These are various funding options (debt, equity and others) that can be further segmented.

Generally, non-repayable funds or products disbursed by a government department, corporation, foundation or trust, to a recipient, often (but not always) a nonprofit entity, educational institution, business or an individual.

These are investing platforms where syndicate and angel deals are shared and also contain valuable data on transactions, comparable valuations etc.

A loan is the act of giving money, property or other material goods to another party in exchange for future repayment of the principal amount along with interest. A loan may be for a specific, one-time amount or can be available as an open-ended line of credit up to a specified limit.

Tax Credits
A tax credit is an amount of money a taxpayer is able to subtract from taxes owed to the government. The value of a tax credit depends on the nature of the credit, and certain types of tax credits are granted to individuals or businesses in specific locations, classifications or industries.

Venture Funds
Investment funds that manage the money of investors who seek private equity stakes in startup and small to medium-sized enterprises with strong growth potential. These investments are generally characterized as high-risk/high-return opportunities. Our database also consists of mission-based venture funds that are seeking both financial and social impact returns.

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Resources for


Business Resources
A compilation of business tools, resources and knowledge to help in the ideation and growth phases of creating a business or nonprofit.

A collection of resources/organisations whose mandate includes the development of community and mentorship.

These are global and local competitions aimed at providing funding, support and opening up of new avenues of growth for participants.

Entrepreneur Education
Resources specific to providing some foundational knowledge for entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneur Support
A comprehensive list of organisations and resources dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs across a multitude of sectors, all the way from idea on a napkin to growth and beyond.

Government Procurement
This is the act of obtaining goods or services for a public agency.

Impact Resources
A curated list of must-knows for all mission-based organisations.

Online Directories
A compilation of online resources that provide a wealth of business support services.

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